Saturday, 1 March 2008

MikeyD's 1st Blog

I'm Mike and welcome to my blog!

One of my mates at work gave me the idea of doing this... he goes by the alias of Gazovcas and runs riot on Betfair poker whether he is winning peoples hard earned $$$ or getting his chat blocked for being naughty.

My girlfriend and I have looked around for house that we can do shared ownership on to help us get on the property ladder. We found an apartment for $130,000 which our 50% would come to $65,000. All that we need is £3250 deposit, legal costs and other fees adding up to around £4,500 ($9000)... four months saving between us would do it, or, this blog might have a happy ending after hopefully two months!?!?

I've decided to start from the 1st March on 32red taking full advantage of any monthly promotions they offer. The last couple of months, 32red ran two monthly promotions called Wise Guys (rewards most profitable players) and The Honeypot (rewarding the most loyal players). From the 1st March, they have ditched these and gone with a new promotion called The Elevator which is basically like The Honeypot.

After watching Rambo on Friday night (which by the way is awesome!), I took of any remaining money from my 32red account ($160ish) leaving me with the $50 I planned to turn in to the deposit for my apartment along with two months of savings. I sat down on a $ 0.50/1.00 table with the whole $50 (i know... bad bankroll management) and doubled up straight away of KK. After playing a few more hands, i left the table with around $110 and sat back down on two similar tables with $50 each... my goal being to get as many loyalty points as possible to help me towards the monthly promotion mentioned earlier. After about 30 mins on two tables... Table 1 = $160 and Table 2 = $40. On table two, dealt JJ which i raised to $4, someone raised to $12 so i push... flop came something, K, something and he showed AK. After that, I was getting pretty tired so i called it a night.

Woke up this morning and after watching Soccer AM, i thought i would try my luck again. I can't remember many hands but i will start recording them and post them on here. One I remember was my KK running in to AA which resulted in me loosing $70ish. Anyway, a few hours and 360 raked hands later... called it quits for the day with $426.27... not bad for day 1... 17 more please!

'Til next time...